Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is hosting provider that I was not familiar with. Once I heard from a business partner that it is SSD-based, my attention was immediately attracted. I would like to share my very strong positive experience with Digital Ocean.

Digital Ocean has a superb user interface for launching servers. A running server is a Droplet. It concentrates on Linux distributions only, with all the familiar ones available. With a single click, you select the server size, the Linux distribution, and the location of the server. One can get a droplet with a pre-installed application. Of the well known once you have LAMP and WordPress.

The user interface is much better than Amazon Web Services (AWS). No need to bother with key pairs, elasic IPs, and all sorts of stuff. The billing is easy and simple.

I created a droplet of the smallest size, 512MB / 1 CPU
20GB SSD DISK, 1TB TRANSFER, including backups, and it was up and running in less than a minute. It is an Ubuntu 12.04 server for $5 / month. Amazingly cheap. I use it to host my Ghost blog.

So, if you need a Linux server up and running fast, Digital Ocean is a very good choice. It can be used for mundane tasks, such as a web site or blog. But, I intend to use it for my future development needs. The price-performance point is better than AWS. Given the simple installation process.

On the downside, Digital Ocean does not have all the cloud services that AWS offers, such as NoSQL database services, but for many development projects, you do not really need them.

In terms of DNS management, Digital Ocean has services comparable to AWS. So for your mundane tasks it is sufficient.