DRP for Your Personal Computing Environment

In recent weeks, I had to handle a laptop failure and an external disk failure. All the way while continuing to work on several projects with minimal disruption.

This got me thinking how can I lift my personal computing environment from my physical laptop.

The solution that I developed and that I believe many will find useful, is to place your information in cloud services, such that when things fail, you just pick any laptop or desktop and pull the information from the cloud.

For me information includes documents, source code, passwords, your calendar, notes and all this stuff.

Now, I work on a MacBookPro laptop, but much of what follows will be suitable for Windows computers as well.

I keep my source code in GitHub. So with a minimal discipline of committing each work session, the most valuable resource business-wise for a freelancer is safe.

For the files which are real documents, I use the Cubby file syncing service from LogMeIn. It works automatically in the background.

For passwords, I use mSecure, which with iCloud syncing guarantees your passwords are portable.

My iCloud, stores my calendar, contacts, and notes.

As most people this days, I use a mail service, actually several, Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud, and Outlook.com. All of which can be pulled to an alternative computer.

Being a professional whose working life are planted deep into his laptop, I accumulate like most people, bits and pieces of information, which I store in Evernote. As Evernote constantly syncs your note into the cloud, your working papers are
available elsewhere.

Given all this facilities you get your DRP for the cheap. This worked for me in two catastrophic occasions. I hope some variation will work for you also.