A Mini City Prototype

Prototyping with a Mini City

I was wondering how to think about a mobile app for an urban setting. How can I come up with real use cases. This was while I was sitting at the WeWork lounge in Sarona, Tel Aviv. Though the window I could see the collection of buildings around. Now, Sarona is a region which was a German settlement before World War II, and with renovation it is well preserved. So the whole surrounding looked like a small European city, but with a Mediterranean climate.

Then it occurred to me, this surrounding region, is a mini city. Like the center of some big European city where you walk between shops, cafes, and restaurants. They do not drive inside as cars are not allowed in. So here was my use case. A miniature city which is real, not some architecture mockup the way you see in real estate offices, or architects studios.


Some that come of the top of my had:

  • Urban navigation
  • Delivery services
  • City services
  • Augmented Reality (AR)


As a mini city has no traffic, except around it, anything based on driving, such as Uber like services, cannot be really prototyped.