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A New Podcast

As I dive into my favorite topics, I encounter many platforms I want to describe and review. The written word is too heavy to capture the experiences and impressions of these platforms.

To better capture and convey these experiences and impressions, I am starting a podcast, which you can listen to at Creator Economy, Auctions, Blockchain, and the Web. You will find links to all the major podcast platforms and will be able to subscribe to the podcast.

And now to our first episode,

Ceeya - A Personal Brand Platform

Ceeya is a new platform for a combined personal branding site and Link In Bio.

It includes payments to the creator with a zero take rate.

I have built my brand site on Ceeya so that you can get a first-hand impression here.

To listen to the episode, go to Ceeya - Get Your Personal Branding Site

Yoram Kornatzky

Yoram Kornatzky

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