Complete Server-Side Frameworks

What Are Complete Server-Side Frameworks?

They let you do everything inside:

  • Backend
  • Database schema definition
  • Periodic jobs
  • Background jobs with queueing
  • Mailer
  • Push from server-side
  • Front end with modern frameworks and tools

Advantages of Complete Frameworks

Use it and you got everything you need for your web app.

No need to deal with Linux tools such as bash scripts and cron jobs.

No need for additional systems.

The whole build process is part of the framework. No need for separate build processes for client and server side.

Well Known Complete Frameworks

Push from Server Side

A web socket service. No need for a separate Node.js stuff.



Ruby on Rails

Action Cable

Relationship to SPA

Your front end can be a Single Page Application (SPA). But there is a clear sense in such frameworks that not all of your screens big one big SPA. But your big app is split into multiple screens, each being a SPA.