Create a Presentation from a README

We suggest a simple way to turn your README into a nice presentation.

Present Your Work

You know the drill. You project reached the stage where it can be demoed. Now you need to present it. Well, you can go with Google Slides, Powerpoint or Keynote. But this requires time.


The project README is ready. And it will probably be the starting point for the presentation. It would be great if you could just convert it to a presentation.

Markdown to Slides

Well, you can. Thanks to the Markdown to Slides NPM package.

Install it as a development dependency:

npm install markdown-to-slides --save-dev

Add a script in your package.json:

markdown-to-slides -d  -o presentation.html

To keep your repo clean, add to your .gitignore, this line:


Presentation Ready!

Open the HTML file presentation.html in a browser, turn full screen on, and you are set.


While we showed how to do it in the context of a JavaScript/Node.js project, this approach is useful for Laravel or Ruby on Rails or any project that uses NPM.