Effective Tools for Remote Collaboration

Remote Collaboration

Got a team of collaborators spread around the globe. Plenty of tools to choose from. Based on my experience, this is what I found useful. The teams were spread across different time zones. Desktops were Mac, Windows, Ubuntu.

Such remote collaboration spans multiple aspects.

Collaboration Aspects

  1. Chat - Instant Messaging
  2. Audio and video calls
  3. Remote screen sharing and control
  4. Shared notes, possibly embedding photos, structured documents (PDF, Word, Pages)
  5. Todo lists

What I Found Effective

Minimal cost of subscription, and does the job. For a small team.

  1. Chat - Slack
  2. Audio and video calls - Skype
  3. Remote control - Skype and Team Viewer
  4. Notes - Evernote
  5. Todo - Wunderlist