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Is Art Part of the Creator Economy?

Artists use creator economy platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram, to promote their work. But is art part of the creator economy? The creator economy is centered on producing digital creations, such as video or audio. Art throughout history has been the production of physical outcomes.

Creator Economy

The creator economy is centered on digital creations. Be it Instagram, photos, newsletters, online education and coaching, YouTube videos, TikTok videos, or Twitch streams; it is all digital.

Add NFT to the mix, and you are still digital.


Historically, artists have produced physical things, be they painting, sculptures, jewelry, or designs.

In recent decades, digital art, in the form of audio-video exhibitions in physical spaces, has appeared. Yet, it has not become a dominant art form as the art world perceives it.

Digital illustrations are more part of the creator economy and are prominent in the NFT world.

Creators and Artists Divide

So what in the last few years we call creators are not the same camp as what we usually call artists.

Artists may use creator economy platforms for promotion, community building, for attracting an audience, but they are a distinct breed of creators.

The Auction Events Platform

For me, approaching the launch of the Auction Events Platform for Creators - I am wondering, where do I go to promote it?

This got me thinking, have I been caught up in the creator economy hype?

The platform is built to sell physical goods, that is, the traditional sense of the word art. So I am making an auction events platform for artists.

The Secondary Market

But a large part of any commercial activity involving art is the secondary market, people selling art they have purchased.

So this brings the question of who the sellers will be.

Expandign the Scope

It also raises a much bigger question: Is furniture, and design artifacts, art? What about antiques?

This leads me to expand our goal further. We wish to serve anyone wishing to sell some nice thing.

Yoram Kornatzky

Yoram Kornatzky