Kickstart Your Laravel App with Hit Laravel Libraries

Kickstart Your Laravel App

These libraries will kickstart your Laravel project as they take care easily of important things you always need in a Laravel app.

Here is what we found useful.

Hesto MultiAuth for Laravel

MultiAuth generates the whole framework for multiple roles authorization. Including models, authorization views, layouts, and guards. It does for any number of roles you wish.

Manage Localization with a Database

Waavi/translation stores localisations in the database, thereby letting your content people to manage it. You will have to generate the views.

Laravel Media Library

Laravel Media Library associates media with models. Includes resizing capabilities.

Laravel Activitylog

Laravel Activitylog facilitates your logging.

It includes two important capabilities:

  1. Log events on models

  2. Middleware to log login/register/logout

Clockwork for Php Dev Tools

Clockwork integrates Laravel into your Chrome Dev Tools. It is both a Laravel package and a Chrome browser extension.

Laravel Debugbar

Laravel Debugbar integrates the PHP Debug Bar at Laravel level.