My Strategy for Keeping with The State of the Art

Influx of New Things

Newsletters flow in continuously, you encounter new things while working, you hear of interesting developments, and new domains appear that touch on your interests. How do you stay in sync with the state of the art? These are not things you need to know on the spot, so you can delay them, yet you still want to get to them soon.

Here is my strategy.

Save for Later

I save the articles to Instapaper, but Pocket would be just as good.

Keep Watermarks

Keep a low watermark and a high watermark on the amount of things you save. Allocate time for reading ASAP once you accumulate things above the high watermark. Do not allocate time for reading while you are below the low watermark.

Of course, not all articles are created equal. But Instapaper provides you with an estimation of the reading time. Moreover, you may decide to allocate a separate time to a deep item.