Will Elastic Search Server Last Long?

Elastic Search from Elastic is a free text search engine. Elastic Search is at the heart of the Elastic (ELK) stack.

Elastic Search will continue to evolve, but is it the right choice for the future?

When I started using Elastic few years back, it was still not the ELK stack as presented today. The focus was on the free text search with the prominent notions of relevance and scoring. Back then people around still mentioned Lucene and Solr.

Once you consider Elastic for storing events, using Logstash, relevance and scoring become much less important. Moreover, in any monitoring solution, you usually need not just events but also metrics.
Metrics puts Elastic in the realm of tools like (Graphite)[https://graphiteapp.org].

So now the question is Elastic still the right tool? The JSON query language is cumbersome. One would prefer an SQL syntax, or an algebraic syntax. Seems Elastic has a heavy technical debt to its free text search origin and ancestors.

Elastic is free in its basic form which makes it the natural choice. But based on my experience in monitoring environments, I am no longer sure it is my first choice. But, and this is a big but, I cannot point yet to a prominent free alternative which is just as widely used.